Federal Services

Odyssian Technology and it's partners offer Federal Technical and Professional Services to U.S. Government agencies in a variety of areas including strategic and tactical planning support, management support, technical management support, intellectual property management, engineering analysis and design, information technology, operations planning support, quick response specialty manufacturing and sourcing, and logistics support.








R&D and Engineering Services

Odyssian Technology, along with it's network of leading technologists and innovators, offers Technology and Product Development Services to governments, corporations, and individuals that includes conducting applied research and development (R&D), developing proof-of-concept demonstrations, and supporting innovative product development. These technical services often involve the development of technology or systems having highly integrated sensor networks and controls to create 'smart systems'.  Other technical services have included the development of  advanced processing and fabrication techniques related to energetic thin film devices, composite structures having embedded circuitry, and 3D electronics. 

Applied Research & Development:

Applied research and development (R&D) services include the development of innovative concepts and technologies, as well as the design, analysis, fabrication, and demonstration of proof-of-concept prototype systems.  Odyssian Technology offers unique experience and capability in developing technology related to smart and multifunctional systems, thin film sensors and energetic devices, advanced composite structures, and multifunctional sensor systems.  Examples of technology developed and demonstrated include: small hand launched aerial vehicle with structurally integrated antenna and power system; high energy laser chemical containment system with integrated leak detection systems; military camp power distribution and micro grid systems; and, oil & gas (O&G) smart pipeline and pipe repair systems.

















Engineering & Technical Services:

Mechanical Design

Odyssian Technology offers technical services that includes mechanical engineering and design.  SolidWorksTM 3D solid modeling tools are used by Odyssian Technology engineers to create mechanical designs, to simulate motion, and to evaluate form/fit.  Through the use of surface rendering tools, 3D solid model designs are created with real life appearance.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite element analysis is performed using NASTRAN analysis and modeling tools.  NASTRAN is a powerful finite element analysis solution for small to complex assemblies.  It provides a wide range of modeling and analysis capabilities including linear and non-linear analysis of statics, displacement, strain, stress, vibration, heat transfer, fluid flow, and more.  Odyssian has experience conducting structural analysis, fluid flow analysis, and thermal analysis.

Electrical Design    

Altium Designer is used by Odyssian engineers to design and simulate electronic circuits. This design tool allows for the creation of schematic and layout designs.  Odyssian has experience in developing microprocessor based electronic circuits, often networked using standard wireless and wired communication protocols.

Prototyping and Concept Demonstration

Odyssian Technology offers services in fabricating prototypes and demonstrating new fabrication techniques. Prototypes and demonstration systems are developed to customer designs and specifications or to the designs developed under related technical services. Prototyping is achieved using rapid prototyping equipment, as well as conventional fabrication, machining, and processing equipment.

Structural Strength Testing

Odyssian Technology engineers and scientists use a high capacity universal testing machine (UTM) to test the structural strength of composites structures, metal structures, and structures having embedded sensors, circuitry and power elements.  The high capacity testing machine allows for the testing of high performance composite structures. The strength and performance of smart structures are tested using a high capacity UTM and electronic component and circuitry testing instruments.



























Odyssian Technology's Federal Services are offered through direct source contracts, Broad Agency Announcements (BAA), Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicles, and acquisition schedules.    


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