Odyssian Technology is a technology development and innovation company that offers custom engineered smart systems and products.  These products are engineered for various markets and applications.  


Smart Sealing and Piping Systems


  O&G sensorSLEEVE™           Smart Chemical Seal          O&G sensorSEAL™     Smart Chemical Pipe


Odyssian's smart sealing and piping systems have a unique patented technology that provides leak progression detection. Continuous monitoring of seals, pipes, and other containment devices allows for the detection of an impending leak before a leak occurs to the outside environment.  These smart sealing and containment devices may also include sensors that alert of earth movement, impacts, reduction in sealing force, and build-up of containment pressure.  These smart devices are provided as standalone components that are added to existing customer SCADA systems or are provided as part of a complete smart piping or pipeline leak detection and health monitoring system. A private cloud-based monitoring system called sensorPIPELINE™ provides an intuitive simple web interface, email alerts, and sensor data transfer to existing customer SCADA systems.


Smart Power Access and Control


                          eBoard™ Power Receptacle System                PACAS™ Power Access & Control System


eBoard™ improves access to power by replacing conventional plug outlets with a power track receptacles that allow plug-in along its entire length.  Smart adapters, which interface the power track outlet with conventional plugs, allow for monitoring and control of power usage at the device level.  Decorative eBoard™ is embedded within architectural elements and decorative molding. Structural eBoard™ is embedded within load bearing structural elements. The PACAS™ System and other power distribution and control technology is available to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance of mobile power systems and emergency back-up power systems.  Odyssian's PACAS™ system is designed for use within military shelters and provides automated phase balancing of electrical loads.


Smart and Multifunctional Structures


                                          Talus X-1 SUAS                       ArgusAS SUAS


Odyssian Technology offers smart, multifunctional, and highly integrated structures.  Odyssian's intellectual property and experience includes the integration of antennas, sensors, active devices, power systems, and circuitry into the composite structures of small unmanned aerial vehicles (SUAV).  The Talus™ and ArgusAS™ SUAVs serve as technology demonstration and test vehicles that may be available for initial test and validation.


Thin Film Igniters and Sensors



Thin film igniters, sensors, and devices are fabricated using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD).  Unique tooling, processing and design practices are used to develop thin film igniters that perform within tight performance specifications. When compared to conventional igniters, thin film igniters offer several advantages including increased reliability and reduced cost when produced in adequate batch sizes.