Odyssian Technology places QUALITY first.  It is a CORE VALUE that motivates all that we do.    Our customer is assured the highest quality solutions and services to satisfy all aspects of the tasks through establishing rigorous planning, documentation, and lines of accountability.   Our success depends on achieving the highest continued quality and dependability throughout all phases from start to finish.

Odyssianís Quality Assurance ensures a comprehensive focus on the customerís requirements, quality products and services, and a self motivated performance culture. This is achieved using open lines of communication with our customer and team members through regular meetings.  The following essential processes and tools are used to manage quality throughout program execution; 1 - Program Management Systems and Controls, 2 - Integrated Professional Support Services, 3 - Management Processes to control work and ensure repeatable results, 4 - Preserve Stability and Maintain Technical Expertise, 5 - Monitor and Maximize Quality, 6 - Guarantee Responsiveness and Cooperation with Customers, and 7 - Approach to Problem Resolution.