CAPABILITY ODYSSIAN TECHNOLOGY (Prime)                                             

Under the Navy SeaPort-e ID/IQ contract Odyssian Technology offers Technical Services under two categories that are referred to as General Professional Services and Distinctive Technical Services.


General Professional Services

Odyssian Technology was established in 2002 to focus on technology and product development related to smart structures, multifunctional structures, and structurally integrated sensors/circuits for use in high performance military systems.  As prime contractor, Odyssian Technology has established a history of successfully executing research and development contracts for the U.S. Government under fixed price and cost type contracts. General technical services are offered under SeaPort-e in the following areas;

(1)   Electronic Circuit Design and Simulation

(2)   Sensor Development

(3)   Mechanical Design and Analysis

(4)   Software Programming and Embedded Coding

(5)   Wireless and Wired Communication and Sensor Networking

(6)   TCP/IP Networking & GUI Development

(7)   Advanced Composite Materials and Processing

(8)   Thin Film Materials and Processing

(9)   Printed Circuit Materials and Processing (flex and rigid substrates)

(10) Low Volume Prototyping and Fabrication

Odyssian Technology is a Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliant government contractor with approved procedures and accounting systems necessary to qualify for cost reimbursement government contracts. Capability includes systems, tools, and skills necessary for effective management and execution of research and development programs having multi-disciplinary teams.  Since being in business over the past several years, Odyssian Technology has established expertise in government contracting and managing programs in accordance with Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARs), cost accounting standards and practices, and government contracting practices. Odyssian Technology’s prime contracts have also provided expertise related to the following areas;

(1)   Program Management

(2)   Business and Financial Management

(3)   Program and Business Planning, Staffing, and Control

(4)   Administration and Clerical Support

(5)   Organizational Strategic Analysis

(6)   Human Capital and Operational Systems Planning and Control

(7)   Organizational Standard Practice and Continual Improvement Methods

(8)   Integrated Product Team (IPT) Leadership and Management

(9)   Most Efficient Organizational (MEO) Practices

Distinctive Technical Services

Odyssian Technology is a research and technology development company with established technology, expertise, and supporting infrastructure for satisfying the technology needs of the U.S. Government. A significant portion of its activity involves technology innovation related to advanced lightweight composite structures, smart structures, multifunctional structures, highly integrated system-structure (is2), thin film materials and processing, and intelligent power control of tactical grids and military shelter systems.

Odyssian Technology has developed a portfolio of technology and unique expertise related to the following products listed below.  This technology portfolio and expertise is offered under this SeaPort ID/IQ proposal for further development, adaptation, and transition to fielded systems.  

(1)         Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) with structurally integrated electrical conductors, antenna, and power systems for improved functionality, increased payload volume, and reduced weight fraction;

(2)         Smart Pipe and Sealing Systems having integrated leak detection sensors for use in preventing the leakage of toxic and environmentally damaging chemicals;

(3)         Thin Film Igniters for use in improving the reliability and cost of missile batteries, parachute deployment, and airbag safety systems;

(4)         Smart Pipeline Repair technology having novel composite materials and processes with integrated thermal processing elements, leak detection, and structural health monitoring sensors; and

(5)         Power Access, Distribution and Control technology that improves user access to electrical power, increases energy efficiency and conservation, and balances consumption with available supply in isolated small scale power grid systems (AKA microgrids, nano-grids).


CAPABILITY BOWHEAD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (Subcontractor)                                             

Bowhead Science & Technology provides technical and operational support to the Navy and Army Corps of Engineers for various programs and projects. This includes providing a broad spectrum of services to the Research and Technology Department and other activities located at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division including:

Other services provided by Bowhead S&T to the DoD are too many to disclose in full.  To mention a few, Bowhead S&T provides lifecycle software and applications support to the Corporate Information Systems Group at NSWCDD, provides system and management support of complex applications and IT systems for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, technical support to NAVAIR PMA-263 Small Tactical UAS IPT, program management services to SPAWAR Systems Center Force and Infrastructure Protection Engineering Division, and product test and certification support services to NSWC.